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Public Consultation and Engagement

Public Consultation

Public Engagement

Consultations with Saskatchewan’s Aboriginal, First Nations and Métis communities includes…

The Government of Saskatchewan First Nation and Métis Consultation Policy Framework (Consultation Policy Framework) was released June 15, 2010. It outlines the process Government will use to fulfill its obligation to consult with First Nations and Métis communities on decisions or actions that may impact Treaty or Aboriginal rights. The policy strives to provide greater clarity and certainty and replaces the Government of Saskatchewan's Interim Guide for Consultation with First Nations and Métis People (2008).

The Consultation Policy Framework fulfills Government's commitment to develop a new consultation policy with input and review from First Nations, Métis, industry, the municipal sector and others (https://www.saskatchewan.ca/residents/first-nations-citizens/duty-to-consult-first-nations-and-metis-communities).

SE has a legal duty to consult with aboriginal groups, including both First Nations and Métis groups. SE will undertake aboriginal consultation during the development of the FMP to make sure that their consultation obligations are met. SE staff will co-ordinate their aboriginal consultation efforts with the plan author (SE FMP Manual, 2007).

Public engagement is an important part of the Forest Management Planning process to help build healthy working relationships and improve decision making by identifying relevant forest management and environmental issues. Public engagement is also an opportunity for the industry to gather information from the wider community and address concerns that will lead to better decisions and outcomes.  The public engagement principle employed by Tolko is that engagement is an on-going process based on open and transparent discussions and information sharing.

(Public Engagement Plan)