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Forest Management Plan Documents

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Purpose of the Forest Management Plan

FMP Planning Standard

Forest management plans (FMPs) are prepared to provide strategic-level direction for management of forest resources in a Forest Management Agreement (FMA) area or for a Term Supply Licence (TSL) area with a term greater than five years. Planning for the management and use of the forest resource, following guiding principles such as ecosystem-based management is essential to ensure the ecological sustainability of Saskatchewan’s forests for future generations.

The forest management planning standard contains the applicable objectives, standards, guidelines and procedure to be followed when preparing a forest management plan. The document also describes the requirements for Saskatchewan’s forest management planning process, including a detailed description of the planning process and the information required for submission, monitoring and evaluation. It is important that forest management plans establish clear goals, objectives and strategies to guide forest management activities; set the desired future forest conditions; and attempt to minimize land and resource use conflicts. The FMP will include an assessment of sustainability for the area under management and include forest estate modeling to determine the sustainable rate of harvest for a period of approximately 200 years.

[View current FMP Planning Standard (September 2017)]